Little Serow [1511 17th St NW, Dupont Circle]

1.5 hour wait in front of a nondescript building with mopeds parked in front leading up to a magical 7 course gastronomic journey.

Course #1: nam prik het (mushroom, shallot, finger chilies), accompanied by sweet rice milk & sticky rice

Course #2 & #3: tom kha soup (back; snakehead fish, galangal, grachai) & ma hor (front; sour fruit, dried shrimp, pork)

Course #4: laap chiang mai (pork, pork blood, lanna spices)

Course #5: tow hu thouk (tofu, ginger, peanut)

Course #6: gaeng fak thawng (pumpkin, shrimp paste, long bean)

Course #7: si krong muu (pork ribs, mekhong whiskey, dill)

Palate cleanser: coconut + sticky rice dessert